About Us

Rainmade is the web development agency and creative studio of Dan Kozlowski and Beth Heitkemper, located in Seattle. We build exceptional web apps and create meaningful brands through visual identity and digital experiences. RainMade is dedicated to making better websites and software. We stay on the cutting edge of new technology because take pride in our academic nature and we want to deliver the best work possible.

We also believe that good code and design should be shared. We've taught at Rails Girls LA and RailsConf and regularly attend conferences to help develop our skills. We're inspired by innovation and ingenuity in technology and design. Our inspiration and work ethic are what guide us to create better experiences and smarter solutions.

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Dan Kozlowski
Principal Software Engineer, Project Manager

I specialize in very-high performance Ruby software. I led Rails development and operations at Classwave for a year and a half, and have given several lectures at UCSB on Rails basics and freelance contracting. Before Ruby, I built Wordpress, Joomla, Simpleforum, and Mambo sites for dozens of small businesses in Southern California. I also help build robotic prototypes.

I was a resident research developer for the Department of Psychology at the University of Caifornia, writing survey software and performing fMRI analysis for the Schooler metacognition and Miller neurocognition labs. I worked at several level-1 trauma centers in San Diego and Santa Barbara as a Trauma Technician for two and a half years before graduating with a B.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2013.

I read constantly about programming and neuroscience, and I love new opportunities and new adventures. I love tinkering and creating powerful tools in a variety if languages, from C++ to Rust. I really, really, enjoy people.

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Beth Heitkemper
Principal Designer, Front-End Developer

I wireframe, mockup, design, and build websites.

I primarily work on front-end design using responsive frameworks and developing a website's UI and look and feel. I specialize in the design and front-end build of static websites and graphic design for web. I also provide creative direction for a variety of projects including logo design, brand identity, landing pages, print collateral, advertisements, slide decks, and email marketing campaigns.

For me, websites are canvases where I can design and build anything -- it's a space where artists can freely construct their own narratives and worlds. I believe in artist visibility and do pro bono work to help artists put their work online.

I enjoy studying Japanese, sewing, reading anatomy illustration textbooks, and new media art.