Design & Development. Form & Function.

rainmade is a web development and software agency with focuses on website design, software development, and brand identity.

We're a team of technical professionals and creatives who do it all - designing and building beautiful responsive websites, establishing brand identities, software engineering, and robotic prototypes.

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes to establish perfectly branded web identities and powerful systems offerings, from small static sites to complex high-performance APIs.

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We love blank canvases. We’ll get to know you and your company personally, determine your goals for your project, and build an outline.

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Our design team will begin laying out information and organizing it in a way that's user-friendly and fits your audience.

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We’ll build your project and perform tests to ensure the design is responsive and beautiful in any browser and device.

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If you need specific features for your project such as an API, eCommerce, or Login, our next step is to build these into the platform.

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Brand Identity

Our websites are all built with responsive design in mind. From desktop to tablet to mobile, your company's web presence will scale between them fluidly.

We carefully construct brand identities based on your needs and goals. We'll take care of everything: logo, templates, blog personality, business cards, presentation materials... you name it and we've sent it to print.

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Web Development

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Software Engineering

We offer a wide knowledge base of modern development languages and frameworks to ensure your software meets your exact needs. Our principal engineer has nearly 15 years of experience in web software architecture and engineering, and has presented at international conferences and local user groups.


Brand Identity

We'll help you develop an effective and consistent visual identity that communicates the personality of your brand.

Website Design

We design resposive, modern websites with a user experience that seemlessly translates on every device. We'll design and build your website to best-practice web standards.

Product Photography

We offer photography packages for local clients and produce our own images to use in place of pricey stock photos. We take extra care retouching and editing our high fidelity photos.

Software Development

Our development has over 15 years of experience in web technology, from arcitecture, to development, to deployment and operations. We'll help you find the right technology for your platform.

Custom Solutions

Need a Robot that can talk to other robots over the internet? Need a slow API to go a whole lot faster? Our engineering team specializes in these sorts of fascinating problems.

Website Hosting

With so many hosting options available, it can be hard to decide which to choose. We run multiple server instances around the world so you'll never have to worry about your site going down.

Ruby on Rails
Rainmade is a web development agency comprising of:
Software engineer, Dan of and web designer & front-end developer, Beth of .

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Principal Software Engineer,
Project Manager

Dan Kozlowski
Beth headshot sm 39f569c083bc5e7b3397e59d3666c4d0af47bc623faf1a6989bd05032e4dee07



Principal Designer, Front-End Developer

Beth Heitkemper